Valve Seat Inserts

The valve seat insert prevents the impact of the valve into the cylinder head. It absorbs a proportion of the combustion heat with which the valve is charged. The valve seat insert gives off this heat to the cylinder head


All type internal diameter profiles
  • Outer Diameter 20 – 70 mm
  • Outer diameter geometrical tolerances :- Roundness 0.005mm,Cylendercity 0.010mm,concentricity 0.050mm,Runout 0.050mm,size tolerance 0.010-0.020mm, finish 0.50Ra+
  • Internal Diameter 15 – 55 mm
  • Internal diameter tolerances: - Finish 1.00Ra -1.60 Ra, Roundness 0.005mm, Cylendercity 0.010mm, size tolerance +/- 0.050mm, Perpendicularly 0.02mm,Flatness 0.020mm,Parallelism 0.05mm,
  • Length 4 – 25 mm with tolerance +/- 0.050mm.
For above inspection required CMM